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JAE Intro ICU fellowships for Master’s students – IQAC – Institut de Química Avançada de Catalunya

The Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (IQAC-CSIC) offers the opportunity to perform research for Master’s students in the call of JAE Intro ICU.

The candidates must currently be enrolled in a Master’s Program and will be selected on merit and based on their motivation and academic records, and will receive a stipend of 600 euros/month for 6 months of duration.

  • Chemical Biology: Their main goal is the use of chemical tools to study and characterize diseases and improve their knowledge of important biological phenomena, principally autophagy, lipid-protein interactions, signaling pathways such as Sonic Hedgehog and K-ras, and the regulation of the transcription by the design of artificial transcription factors. As a result, their scientific interests span organic chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, and medicinal chemistry.
    Contact: Gemma TriolaJuan Bautista BlancoPablo Scodeller
  • RUBAM: Their interests are focused on the chemistry and biology of lipids, particularly in the development of chemical probes for cell biology studies related to sphingolipid metabolism, including pharmacological chaperones as new promising alternatives for some sphingolipidoses. They also deal with various aspects related to new insect pheromones, from structural characterization, synthesis, and the establishment of the attractant activity in the laboratory by electrophysiology techniques to behavioural bioassays in the field.
    Contact: Carme Quero
  • Biocompatible Surfactants and Ionic Liquids: This group conducts comprehensive research on novel surfactants and ionic liquids derived from natural renewable sources like amino acids and natural oils. The goal is to develop biocompatible compounds with low toxicity and high biodegradability. Surfactants and ionic liquids with these properties would fulfill the requirements of industries in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical field.
    Contact: Mª Teresa Garcia
  • Theoretical and Computational Chemistry: The computational and theoretical chemistry group (CTCG) investigates the behavior and properties of molecules to understand their reactivity, their dynamics, and their function. They use both Quantum Chemical and Molecular Modelling methods.
    Contact: Ramon Crehuet
  • Synthetic Methodology and New Building Blocks: This research group combines the design of reactive organic intermediates, particularly those based on halogens, boron, and silicon, with catalysis to develop new types of C-C and C-X bond-forming reactions. In particular, they are interested in exploiting the carbon-iodine unit in iodoarenes to direct new types of C-H functionalization reactions, in which new reactivity is achieved via high-valent iodine(III) intermediates.
    Contact: Alex Shafir
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Synthesis: The Medicinal Chemistry group is dedicated to the discovery of small molecules with activity in biologically relevant processes, including medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. The research projects are on the borderline between chemistry and biology to find molecules useful to study basic processes and mechanisms and to develop new therapeutics for diseases. The main research topics of the group include photopharmacology, immunotherapy, and chemical methods for native protein labeling.
    Contact: Amadeu Llebaria
  • Supramolecular Chemistry: Supramolecular chemistry is the “chemistry beyond the molecule” and deals with the interactions between chemical species in an ordered and hierarchical way, leading to the formation of well-defined supramolecules. They mainly work in the fields of molecular recognition, programmed folding, and self-assembling processes, using a large variety of experimental and theoretical approaches. Their scientific activity is inspired by the structural and interactional complexity of living organisms.
    Contact: Jordi SolàIgnacio Alfonso
  • Multivalent System for Nanomedicine: Chemical Multivalent Systems are molecules containing multiple functional groups disposed on spatial distributions that are directly associated with their skeleton/scaffold architecture. These functional groups can be modified, in a controlled manner, with diverse biomolecules, drugs, or ligands. Due to this versatility, multivalent systems become chemical tools with great potential in areas such as chemical biology and nanomedicine, such as drug delivery, diagnosis and biomaterials.
    Contact: Miriam Royo
  • Those interested have to contact the supervisor before 30th January 2024.

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