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How do gases behave in microgravity? #Women4Space Conference with Ioana El Kraye Ziade

As a Lebanese/Romanian woman, Ioana El Kraye Ziade had to overcome lots obstacles to be able to study what she was most passionate about: space. Now she is a master's student at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) majoring in Aerospace Science and Technology.

She is also working on a project in collaboration with ESA Academy where, together with her team, she researches how gases behave in microgravity when an acoustic field is applied. The goal of the project is to enhance heat transfer between a heat source and the surrounding gas. This research might have many applications in the fields of electronics cooling and thermal control for future satellites and spacecrafts. Ioana is responsible for designing and building the hardware.

Besides space, she is also very interested in electronics and software. For her bachelor's thesis, she worked on controlling a drone using neural networks, which brought her to discovering her passion for building circuits an creating things from scratch.

Quan: 26th of May from 18:030-19:30 CET

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