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Scientific Data Management Section Head per el sincrotrò ALBA

ALBA is the Spanish synchrotron light source, a large research infrastructure operating ten beamlines, complementary facilities, and an Electron Microscopy Center, this last in partnership with other institutions. Currently constructing multiple more beamlines, expanding the Electron Microscopy Center, and integrating advanced data analytics, it sums up a wide range of infrastructures geared toward finding solutions to societal challenges.

Located in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), it is funded by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación) and the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Recerca i Universitats). The synchrotron light produced by 3 GeV electrons is used by thousands of researchers to analyse and understand the properties and functionality of matter, spanning a wide variety of fields, such as catalytic research, health, energy production/storage, environmental research, communication technologies, or cultural heritage.


The successful candidate will hold the Section Head position of the Scientific Data Management Section (SDM).

The SDM section plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient and compliant management of scientific data across ALBA. The section interacts with scientists to address their needs in data management, guarantee the data compliance of the future implementations, and ensure that they are aligned with current data policy and FAIR principles. This is accomplished in close collaboration with other groups of the Computing Division responsible for beamline control, data acquisition, databases and IT systems infrastructure administration.

The section is strongly focused on providing comprehensive support to the Experiments Division (without limiting occasional support to other Divisions) in the following aspects:

. Metadata management and ontology.

. Data pipelines and optimization.

. Data formats.

. Data analysis.

. Data reduction after experiment acquisition.

. Post-processing scientific software.

. Data post-processing visualization tools.

The Section Head reports to the Computing Division Head and he/she is the responsible for the performance of the group to fulfil yearly objectives. Additionally, the Section Head is tasked with defining future technical strategic plans, identifying management concepts that align the section within the ALBA support structure and user operations, and providing guidance and mentorship to the section's six members.


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