16 April 2014

Health Technology Assessment Scientist per a FCRB

Es convoca el procés selectiu per a la cobertura de 1 plaça de Llicenciat per a fer les tasques d’Avaluació de Tecnologies Sanitàries (ETS) de la FUNDACIO PRIVADA CLÍNIC PER A LA RECERCA BIOMÈDICA (FCRB) per realitzar el projecte d’investigació “Plataforma de Innovación en Tecnologías Médicas Sanitarias.” Codi of: PT13/0006/0009, finançat per INSTITUTO DE SALUD CARLOS III mitjançant un contracte temporal a temps complert:

  • Responsable de dur a terme avaluacions de tecnologies innovadores, des de el punt de vista de l’hospital. 
  • Responsable de la cerca d’informació relacionada amb la innovació, així com de l’anàlisi quantitatiu de les dades identificades (eg. Clínics i econòmics). 
  • Síntesis de la evidencia i la seva integració amb dades econòmiques, així com l’elaboració del document resultant final. 
  • Paper actiu en projectes d’investigació nacionals i internacionals que dugin a terme el Departament d’Innovació. 
  • Estreta col·laboració amb els professionals assistencials i de suport de l’hospital. 
  • Estreta col·laboració amb l’equip d’ETS i de transferència de tecnologia del Departament d’Innovació. 

Termini Presentació: fins el 28/04/2014

Presentació de Sol·licituds: 
  • Carta Presentació: Fent explícita la Referència de la plaça a la que s’opta i la motivació personal de la sol·licitud (indicar què li fa ser el candidat ideal aper al lloc de treball), adjuntant-hi el Curriculum Vitae i la documentació acreditativa dels mèrits exposats i de la titulació obtinguda. 
  • Lloc de Presentació: 
"Els candidats podran presentar les seves sol·licituds, indicant la referència Conv-FU-17/2014, de les següents maneres: 
1. Entregant-lo personalment al Dep. de Recursos Humans, situat al Centre Esther Koplowitz, 
C/ Rosselló 149, en horari de 10 a 13 h de dilluns a divendres, 
2. A través de correu ordinari, a l' adreça referenciada en el punt anterior 
3. Per correu electrònic al mail: Rrhh.fundacio@clinic.ub.es i/o innovacio@clinic.ub.es indicant 
al assumpte “professional ETS”. 

Applications Engineer for Energy Efficient Clusters per el BSC

The Heterogeneous Architectures group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is looking for a highly-motivated engineer to participate in the research of a new class of energy-efficient High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems based on low-power processors. This research is part of the Mont-Blanc project, one of the BSC flagship projects, which has set itself the following objective: to design a new type of computer architecture capable of setting future global HPC standards that will deliver Exascale performance while using 15 to 30 times less energy. This research is having a big media impact and important recognition in the research community:

In the context of the MontBlanc project we are deploying a number of prototype clusters built from developer kits featuring a wide range of ARM-based SoC processors. These prototypes serve as driving vehicles for software development and performance benchmarking for the next generation of energy-efficient high performance and data center systems.

The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team to carry out the following tasks:
  • Porting of cutting-edge scientific applications in the areas of earth and life sciences to the different prototype clusters
  • Porting of the middleware of the project to these platforms
  • Performance analysis of the applications running on the prototype clusters. This includes profiling and identification of bottlenecks
  • Optimization of the applications for the prototype clusters. This includes the exploration of different parallelization approaches and the use of hardware accelerators such as GPUs

These tasks will be carried out in the context of the MontBlanc and Severo Ochoa projects. The successful candidate is expected to show initiative and strong interpersonal skills to interact with both hardware and software researchers and engineers in a highly interdisciplinary environment. The contract will be temporary.

  • At least BSc in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent. BSc in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or equivalent are also considered for candidates with strong computer skills. MSc in these areas is preferred.

Essential Skills
  • Strong knowledge of C, C++, Fortran and MPI
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skills
  • Strong software engineering skills including knowledge about data structures and algorithms
  • Strong English communication skills

Desirable Skills
  • Experience with OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL and script languages such as shell and Python
  • Experience with network file systems, virtualization and grid environments
  • Knowledge of computer architecture and experience in architecture-aware optimization
  • Experience with control version systems
All applicants should submit:
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
Deadline: Saturday, 26 April, 2014

Performance Engineering per el BSC

We are looking for a candidate with a technical profile to join in the Operations Department of the Center. The contract will be temporary and the salary conditions will depends on the porfile, knowledge and experience of the candidate.
Main Responsibilities:
The candidate will be in charged of the correct operation of the queuing system, configuration ans its maintenance:
  • Responsible of the maintenance and the implementation of the Marenostrum (Supercomputer) monitoring as well as the any other HPC service of the Center
  • Log management execution of MareNostrum HPC services
  • Maintenance and management of MareNostrum accounting, the HPC services of the Center and the projects  of the Center such as RES, PRACE
  • Development and improvement of existing applications to the evolution of any area that we have any kind  of responsibility:
           - Accounting
           - Queuing system
           - Monitoring
           - Automation othe user's management in the queuing system
           - Analysis and reporting about the operation scheduling study
Minimum University degree: Diploma or superior Engineering, preferably in Computer Sciences
  • Extensive experience and knowledge:
          - Programming in scripting (Perl mainly)
          - Programming and debug on C programs
          - Web services develop
  • Advance knowledge on UNIX/Linux configuration services
  • Knowledge and experince in use, configurations and installation of queuing systems and managements of HPC clusters will be evaluated
  • Knowledge and experience in use, configurations and installation of monitoring systems (Ganglia...)
  • Experience in use and installation grid and middleware tools
  • Proactivity, responsibility and organization capacity
  • Intermediate level of English
All applicant will submit:
  • Cover letter (Please include in the cover letter your salary expectations)
  • Cucciculum vitae
Deadline: Sunday, 20 April, 2014

Beihang University (Xina): 2014 International Graduate Summer School in Aeronautics and Astronautics (IGSS)

La Beihang University (Xina) organitza del 15 al 23 de juliol de 2014 la "2014 International Graduate Summer School in Aeronautics and Astronautics (IGSS)".

Aquest curs d'estiu està adreçat bàsicament a estudiants de Doctorat.

El curs d'estiu tindrà un total de 100 participants: 50 provinents de diverses universitats estrangeres, i 50 de la Beihang university.

Per a més detalls del curs d'estiu, incloent informació sobre possibles beques, si us plau consultar la documentació:
- fulletó informatiu i sobre admissió;
- formulari de sol·licitud.

Els potencials interessats han de remetre les seves sol·licituds directament a la Beihang University, a la coordinació del curs d'estiu, abans del 26 d'abril de 2014. I alhora hauran de remetre una còpia de la seva sol·licitud a l'adreça:mob.int@upc.edu
per tal de confirmar posteriorment a la Beihang University que són estudiants de la UPC.

Més beques, concursos i premis

15 April 2014

One Day With Total

Nou One DayWith. Aquest cop amb TOTAL per presentar els seus projectes a Sudafrica. 

Total, a leading energy player on the international stage, is very pleased to invite you to our online event about our latest projects and new career opportunities.
During the presentation Point Break South Africa – The Last Frontier, you will be able to learn more about deep offshore in a frontier zone with extreme meteorological-oceanic conditions from Total’s experts, who will present the exploration activity and planned development phase of this exciting, new, ambitious and technically challenging project . 
After that, four Total's experts who took part in this project will be glad to answer all of your questions during a Live Chat.
In the meantime, you can already check our job section and apply! 
We look forward to interacting with you on 16 April 2014! 

European Job Days a Lund (Suecia)

EURES in co-operation with the Swedish employment service “Arbetsförmedlingen” and Ideon Science park will hold an IT Job Fair in Lund, Sweden. This event is an opportunity to meet enthusiastic jobseekers within the ICT industry.
Within ICT in Sweden there is a serious shortage of qualified labour force. The objective is to inform and promote work opportunities to countries within Eures network.
Jobseekers from other European countries will be able to join online and take advantage of this opportunity to see presentations in English on living and working in Sweden and to listen to Swedish employers presenting their vacancies.
At the event, jobseekers can meet employers and representatives from several EU countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark
If you’re an employer, you can expect to meet hundreds of qualified job seekers within your sector.
As always, the event is free of charge.I

CT event in Lund, Sweden on the 24th of April 2014 will be packed with interesting presentations and seminars betwen 10 AM and 1 PM. The program will be streamed live from this page, and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions to a moderator via chat. So don’t miss it!

ICT Event in Lund

Més esdeveniments de reclutament

Sysadmin Junior per el BSC

We are looking for a candidate with a technical profile to join to the Operations Department of the Center. The salary conditions will base on the profile, knowledge and experience of the candidate. The contract will be temporary.
Main Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will become part of a team with the following responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the installation, maintenance, updating and resolving incidences of computer Center servers
  • Responsible for the request, management of hardware incidences MareNostrum Supercomputer
  • Technical support in a system level of the rest clusters from the "Red Española de Supcomputación"
  • Configuration and maintenance the computer services of the Center:
           - Mail, web...
           - Database server
           - Backups server
           - Calculation server
  • Minimum University qualification. Diploma or technical degree, preferably in IT
  • Knowledge and experience:
            - System Administration on UNIX (preferably Linux)
            - Configuration and service management
  • Advanced knowledge in the use of UNIX platforms, exprience will be assessed on Linux
  • Communication skills and deal with users
  • Initiative, proactive atittude, responsibility and good organizational skills
  • Excellent spoken and written English
All applicants would submit:
  • Cover letter (please include in the cover letter your salary expectations)
  • Curriculum vitae
Deadline: Wednesday, 23 April, 2014

Més informació i aplicacions

Oferta pública 15/04/2014

  • INVESTIGADOR (Doctorado en Ingeniería Electrónica, Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones, Ingeniería Informática, o Física) / Instituto de Microelectrónica de Sevilla
  • INVESTIGADOR (Ingeniería en informática, o titulación equivalente) / UNIVERSIDAD DE VALENCIA

Developer per el BSC

The Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms group from the Computer Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center under the collaboration agreement with CA Technologies is offering a developer position. The position is aimed to contribute to the design and development of a framework for model-driven approach for design and execution of big data applications on multiple Clouds. The project will be developed in close collaboration with industrial partners.
We are looking for a motivated and talented Engineer with background/interest in cloud computing, big data and data visualisation.
Skill Specifications:
The position requires knowledge of python, javascript, NoSQL and elasticSearch queries but previous experience with big data visualisation and social data mining tools is a plus.
Qualifications & Experience:
BS or above in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering.
The position will be located at BSC within the Computer Science department in collaboration with the specific program coordinator. The contract will be temporary for 2 years.
Deadline:  Friday, 18 April, 2014

X Fòrum de l'Ocupació Universitària de la URV (2014) CAMPUS SESCELADES (Tarragona)

Aquestes són les empreses que participaran al X Fòrum de l'Ocupació, a l'edició del campus Sescelades (Tarragona). També podeu veure la situació exacta de cada empresa a la fira al següent plànol de distribució d'estands

Dijous, 24 d'abril de 2014
Matí i tarda, de 9.30 a 14.00 h i de 15.00 a 18.00 h

Per preparar acuradament la teva participació et recomano que llegeixis els consells publicats a Mussola

Empreses participants