dissabte, 1 de setembre de 2018

Work in Luxembourg. European Job Days

Are you an Engineering, IT or Technical professional, currently based in Portugal? Have you ever considered Luxembourg as a career destination?

Luxembourg has one of the most dynamic, booming economies in the Centre of Europe.

Employers in Luxembourg, however, are currently facing a severe shortages of qualified professionals, in sectors such as Engineering, IT and Technical occupations.

On October 9th, you will have the chance to make contact with a few of these employers and gain some insight into how to look for a job, live and work in Luxembourg. If you are applying for jobs, you may also be invited to one or more interviews on October 9 - 10.

In addition to this, you will be offered a comprehensive support package for your job search in Luxembourg. You can follow a programme, also to be streamed live, featuring companies’ presentations on their recruitment requirements and what they expect from applicants.

Work in Luxembourg will take place right in the centre of Lisbon, at the Engineers’ Order.

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