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Oferta: Technologist with C++ focus for high frequency trading firm per Xanadu

Xanadu Trading is a young knowledge and technology based proprietary trading start-up. We are active in one of the most intense industries in the world. We trade our own capital, for our own risk and benefit, and have no customers. Xanadu is focused on high frequency algorithmic black box futures trading as well grey box options market making on Eurex, LIFFE and CME. We have offices in both London and Barcelona.

Options market making software needs to be at the same time very fast and responsive as well as reliable and bug-free. This is what has made developing in this area one of the most challenging, difficult and interesting propositions around. Xanadu's young technology department not only aims to compete in this area, but to disrupt it - from (almost) scratch, and with less man power than most competitors. And in order to do so, we are looking for great technologists.

As one of the first technologists in our young startup you will work directly with Xanadu's founder and head trader and will have varied and often changing responsibilities. In general, you will be responsible for working on parts of our automated trading tools in C++. Depending on your preferences and business requirements you might also do some front end development in Java - or work on statistics, data analysis and data visualization in R. Whatever it is going to be, it will be at the very heart of what Xanadu does and crucial to its success.

In summary, we offer:

  • Highly intellectual and competitive atmosphere
  • No sales pitches (we don't have customers - we code for ourselves, to our specs, to solve our problems, on our timeline)
  • Ability to use advanced mathematical modelling skills
  • Ability to write robust and highly efficient code, where both make a tremendous difference
  • English speaking work environment
  • Free food
  • Social activities
  • Nice office space
  • Very competitive salaries (salaries are negotiable and depend on experience - for fresh graduates total remuneration starts at 36k€ excluding benefits)

As ideal candidate you

- are passionate about technology: You might compile your own operating system, you might write your own personal Android apps, lead or contribute to open source projects, run a technology blog, maintain a public library, collect stackoverflow points or anything similar. You view programming languages as a way of expressing yourself, and are open to pick the best one for each task at hand. You handle several scripting languages, because you'd rather learn something new than repeat a task 20 times. You love gadgets. You love unwrapping stuff. And most of all, you love clean code. Xanadu loves clean code. We are all about clean code. There is little else as beautiful.

- are smart: You learn quickly. You want to be challenged. You want to achieve. You want to grow. You want responsibility. You want to take it up against the rest of the world. Then we want you. We are looking for anything that portrays excellence. Grades, projects, hackathons, you name it.

-are disciplined: You can finish what you start. We are still a young and small company, and in this environment you are given a lot of freedom and responsibility. You enjoy this and can handle the implications. You can self motivate. You can stick to deadlines. And you don't compromise on quality to do so. Ever.

- excel in C++: For the first year, you will be working on a C++ project at the heart of our trading software. As such, outstanding C++ proficiency and experience are essential. While requirements change, years end, and you should be open to other technologies, most of our software is C++, R and Java based - and will likely remain so. Experience in low latency systems and exchange feeds is advantageous. In respect to C++, you should at a minimum have experience with STL, boost, multi threading and basic C++11.

- like start-up culture: Xanadu is young, small, dynamic and non-corporate. We only just opened our office in Barcelona, and as one of our first employees here you would have considerable influence on shaping the company and in helping it realize its vision. You would assume a lot of responsibility very quickly, have a very steep learning curve and the potential to grow into a leadership role as early as 2016.

- speak English: we are an English speaking company - Spanish is not required.

- have development experience in a Linux/UNIX environment.

- know about algorithms, data structures, threading and design patterns.

- are interested in the financial markets.

- have a degree with an analytical/quantitative field of study (engineering, computer science, math, statistics, physics, etc.).

All applications please to


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