dimarts, 10 de febrer de 2015

Safety Responsible – ALBA Synchrotron facility

The Safety Responsible gives direct support and advice to the ALBA Director in all the Health & Safety (H&S) issues at ALBA synchrotron facility: radiation protection, occupational Health & Safety and emergency situations. She/He will be responsible of both the Radiation Protection Service (SPR) and the occupational Health & Safety and of the emergency group coordination.


  • To assure the compliance with requirements in relation to radiological hazards, including the obligatory ones, and to prevention of occupational hazards 
  • To advise on the best practice in relation to the operation of radiation research facilities
  • To promote, encourage and implement the best Health & Safety policies at ALBA
  • To supervise the preparation of procedures to ensure compliance with obligatory requirements, and the implementation of best practice in a cost effective manner
  • To manage and control the safety assessment for the user experimental proposals, which includes a wide variety of risks, such as biological, chemical, among others
  • To coordinate and control the work performed by the external prevention risk services (for all the official categories)

Deadline: 27/02/2015

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