dissabte, 10 de gener de 2015

The 2014 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard

Ja teniu disponible el scoreboard 2014 d'empreses en funció de la seva inversió en R+D. Trobareu 2.500 empreses a nivell mundial classificades.

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The 2014 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard (PDF)
R&D ranking of the world top 2500 companies (Excel)
R&D ranking of EU top 1000 companies (Excel)

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Key findings of the 2014 Scoreboard comprise:
- The world top 2500 R&D investors continued to increase their investment in R&D (4.9%) well above the growth of net sales (2.7%). The 633 EU companies increased R&D by 2.6% and decreased sales by 1.9%.
- Volkswagen leads the global ranking for the second consecutive years, showing again a remarkable increase of R&D (23.4%, up to11.7bn). Second continues to be Samsung, showing also an impressive R&D increase of 25.4%.
- EU companies in the automobile sector, accounting for one quarter of the total EU's R&D, continued to increase significantly their R&D (6.2%). This reflects the good performance of automobiles companies based in Germany (9.7%) that account for three quarters of this sector's R&D in the EU.
- The poor R&D performance of EU companies in high-tech sectors such as Pharmaceuticals (0.9%) and Technology Hardware and equipment (-5.4%) weighed down the total R&D increase of the EU sample. the overall amount invested in R&D by EU companies in high-tech sectors represent 40% of the amount invested by their US counterparts and the gap between the two company sample is increasing with time.