dimarts, 13 de gener de 2015

One day with Hilti

Carreers international repren les seves activitats i comença l'any amb una trobada virtual el 12 de febrer amb l'empresa Hilti. En aquesta trobada tindreu l'oportunitat de coneixer millor Hilti i els seu Outperformer Program.

The OUTPERFORMER program offers three separate tracks. While the tracks begin differently, they lead to the same professional level you visualize in your target position.

The commercial track is based in our global network of market organizations and is the perfect choice for business administration graduates who want to explore the heart of the company – account management – then move on with an international assignment.

The technical track focuses on engineers and is a ideal place to begin exploring the technical environment where Hilti’s innovations are generated and developed. This begins at our Corporate Headquarters in Liechtenstein then moves to selected worldwide locations.

The logistic track offers the perfect opportunity for business, engineering and logistic students to experience one of the most versatile business areas of an organization - global logistics and its adjoining fields such as supply chain, marketing, sales, etc. 

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One Day with Hilti