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Arquitectura/Desarrollo/Administración de sistemas informáticos (Sharepoint 2013) per a Noruega

Description of the company

Uloba SA is a political interest, non-profit organization, working for a world where disabled people have the freedom of self-expression and participates in all social arenas. Through interaction we provide citizen-controlled personal assistance services to disabled people in the 180 municipalities across Norway taking our services. We employ approximately 5.200 personal assistants. 

Over 60 percent of our employees in ULOBA management are disabled. Our head office is located in the city of Drammen, Norway’s 6th largest city. Drammen is located some 30 minutes by train south of Oslo. Drammen is the end station of the Oslo Airport Express train.

Job description

Our new Intranet Freedom, based on Sharepoint 2013 and MS SQL Server, utilizes only a small part of what the Sharepoint platform has to offer. We are now recruiting to further develop our Intranet to become an information portal for customers and remote user, as well as a fullblown collaboration portal for our work 
force. Since we focus strongly on digital accessibility, all new elements in Freedom are required to fulfil the WCAG 2.0 web accessibility standards.

We need Sharepoint architectural and development resources to take this next step. We also need Sharepoint system administrator resources to manage what has been and will be developed

Termini per aplicar 30/09

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