dilluns, 19 de maig de 2014

PhD:Ultrashort and Ultrafast pulsed lasers per a EMAS Research group

The study of new materials with potential in the generation of ultrashort and ultrafast laser pulses is of great interest to fulfil the demand of actual applications that require further improvement to minimize unwanted effects. Examples of such applications are medical treatments that require minimal colateral effects.
Challenges that need to be pursued to achieve the above mentioned features of the lasers are those related to new materials (associated to the laser wavelength, and pulse duration (ultrashort lasers)), new geometries of the active medium (associated to the power level), new architectures of laser cavity design (associated to the repetition rate (ultrafast lasers)), new modulation techniques (associated to new saturable absorbers or physical effects to modulate the laser signal).
A Bachelor and M.Sc. degree in related sciences.
A Bachelor average mark ≥ 3
Good knowledge of the English language is required.
Duration: maximum of 36 moths.
Beginning: 1 September 2014.
Salary: the gross monthly salary for the PhD position ranges from € 1.100,- gross per month in the first year increasing every year up to € 1.300,- gross per month in the two last years.
To apply for this fellowship you have to send to emas@urv.cat the following documentation:
- detailed CV;
- bachelor/master degree certificates;
- bachelor/master marks certificate (only those certificates with a average mark ≥ 3 will be considered).
The average mark is calculated dividing the total number of points by the total number of credits. The number of point is calculated using the Spanish equivalence (grade on a scale of 10): 5-7/10 = 1 point; 7-8.5/10 = 2 points; 8.5-9.9/10 = 3 points; 10/10 = 4 points. You can ask for the equivalence mark table for your country at: emas@urv.cat

Deadline: 31/05/2014