dimarts, 6 de maig de 2014

Computational Scientist Postdoc per el BSC

A postdoctoral contract for one year is offered at the Life Sciences department at BSC. Within the context of a very active international research lab, we are seeking a candidate with good programming skill and excellent knowledge of molecualr modeling (classical force fields, quantumchemistry...). The main responsibilities will include developing code for preparing systems (Protein/DNA, etc) for QM/MM (atomic level) and molecular dynamics runs (atomic and coarse grain detailed level).
Main Responsibilities:
  • Coding (python, C++) platform for high throughput models processing
  • Helping in research projects involving QM/MM and molecula dynamics/MonteCarlo simulations
Skill Specifications:
  • Excellent knowledge of molecular modeling at an atomic an coarse grain detailed level
  • Good programming skills in C++ and Python
Qualifications and Experience:
  • PhD in theoretical chemistry or biophysics
  • Excellent English skills
  • Good team-work
All applicants would submit:
  • CV
  • Cover letter
Deadline: 20 May, 2014