dilluns, 21 d’abril de 2014

The Computer Graphics Student Awards

The Computer Graphics Student Awards started back 2009 by Andrew McDonald and Alwyn Hunt, owners of CGCoach.com. It was the first student awards of it's kind dedicated to computer graphics students worldwide.
Through their close involvement with training facilities around the world, one thing was consistant, all schools said they were the best. "We kept on seeing these claims displayed on school websites and thought there must be a way to settle this once and for all" said Andrew McDonald.
With this in mind, CGCoach.com launched the CGStudentAwards to finally clarify these claims and allow for some friendly competition between students and schools. Competition aside, the underlying mission of this event has always been to reward and showcase the next generation of computer graphics artists. "There is amazing talent continually coming out the doors of training facilities around the globe, and we want to promote this" said Alwyn Hunt.

Deadline: 13th May 2014