dimecres, 30 d’abril de 2014


IREC is seeking applicants with a distinguished record of scientific excellence and the innovative thinking necessary to lead a dynamic organisation. He/She should have a PhD degree, a good level of energy background, experience in managing international research projects as well as a certain level of industrial background. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Knowledge of the European Scientific and Industrial environment will be considered an added value, as well as professional experience in an inter‐institutional environment.

Applicants should send a CV and a cover letter by e‐mail to the Director of CERCA at applications@cerca.cat. The appointment will be for a period of 4 years, which might be extended in agreement with the Board of trustees of the Foundation.

Job description:

The director will have the following duties:
  • Provide scientific vision and strategic goals for the IREC.
  • Submit the Centre’s activities programme and annual operating budget to the Board of trustees, with special emphasis on the profit and loss account highly related to obtaining the necessary revenue.
  • Represent the Centre at official and social events, in coordination with the President and other members of the Board of trustees.
  • Keep CERCA regularly informed of the Centre’s progress.
  • Other functions that might be approved by the Board of trustees.

The Director will be responsible for:
  • Defining a strategic plan and monitoring its implementation.
  • Reporting at the meetings of the Board of trustees.
  • Proposing names of members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to the Board of trustees, keeping it informed about major changes, and organising the regular meetings.
  • Participating in the periodic CERCA evaluation of IREC.
  • Coordinating periodic scientific assessments of IREC’s research programmes and core facilities, and implementing recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Supervising the implementation of financial aspects of the budget.
  • Negotiating contracts for new group leaders or programme coordinators, whenever appropriate.
  • Participating in strategic decision‐making, such as in the case of strategic alliances with other research institutions, in line with IREC’s mission, structure and background.
  • Participating in regular meetings with the local decision‐makers in energy
  • Pushing the cooperation with the industry.

Selection of candidates
Suitable candidates will be identified in a ranked list by three members of the SAB, drawing upon the input of any other expert that the SAB might require.
The Board of Trustees will be responsible for the final steps of the selection process and CERCA is delegated to manage all steps in this selection process. The Board of trustees may create and ad hoc Commission involving some of his members in order to provide a short list of the preselected candidates. Candidates included in the short list may be invited to visit IREC and meet the ad hoc Commission for a final interview. The results of these interviews would be presented to the Board of trustees. This will designate the new Director.

Deadline: May 27th