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Scientific computing systems administrator per el IMPPC

The candidate Should have a Computer Science / Informatics / Bioinformatics degree / equivalent with / gold demonstrated track record in: 

  • Configuration and administration of Linux computer clusters 
  • Knowledge of scripting languages ​​(bash, python, perl) 
  • Experience in automating OS installation 
  • Strong diagnostic and analytical skills 
  • Understanding Basic Principles of IT security and best practices 
  • Experience in Virtualization Technology 
  • Experience in monitoring and firewall systems 
  • Installation and maintenance of scientific software 
  • Working knowledge of Linux systems administration in a biomedical research setting and / or scientific computing and / or communications with LINUX and UNIX-based systems (Including Mac OS X) 
  • Fluency in English is essential 
  • Network administration skills will be a plus Considered 
  • Windows administration will not be Considered

We are Seeking a Linux Systems Administrator Who will be responsible for the management of scientific computing facility at That includes 100 core cluster , Several servers , workstations , 96 TB raw disk storage and backup facilities , to Provide Support to Researchers at the Institute of Bioinformatics Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer ( IMPPC ) . The IMPPC ( ) is a non-profit research center located at the Campus Can Ruti , Buenos Aires , with young and dynamic staff. Bioinformatics and Genomics in particular is an area of current research shared betwe Nearly all IMPPC Research Group thatâ use the computer cluster where regular bases . Besides fulfilling the system administrator Duties Listed Below , The Successful candidate will help to coordinate and oversee the expansion of the scientific computing facility to Provide Service to Other Institutions in the Immediate surroundings under the umbrella of Institute Germans Trias i Pujol ( IGTP ) in biomedical Research Center of Excellence Recognised by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III of the Spanish Ministry of Health , and Institute of José Carreras Leukemia Research Center for new , Can Ruti Also located in the campus .

  • Duties of the candidate :
  • Operating system installation and maintenance (Linux, Fedora Currently )
  • Control of user access
  • System monitoring
  • Of the Queuing Management System ( EMS )
  • Software installation and upgrade
  • Management of Databases
  • Management and installation of the central servers and thatâ Also the servers are owned by the Different Genomics Research Group and the Kingdom
  • Management of the backup copies of scientific data
  • Maintenance of hardware Dedicated to scientific computing
  • Consulting for Purchases and acquisition of new computing equipment
  • Training of research staff in the use of good scientific computing equipment
  • Coordinating with the IT department , responsible for the administration network , email and standard office suite
  • Documenting all administrative tasks and Procedures

Please send your application to: or send it via the web. 
Be sure to include the code and send a copy to:;

Deadline: 15/04/2014


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