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Research Assistant Fellowship in the scope of project "Biomechanics: contributions to healthcare"

In the scope of project “RES2IN – From Research to Innovation: RT1 – Laboratory of Optics and Experimental Mechanics/Biomechanics Research Line”, granted by program SAESCTN-PIIC&DT/1/2011 Norte 07-0124-FEDER 000009, QREN, it is now open a call for 2 Research Assistant Fellowship, under the following terms and conditions:

Duration and Regime of Activity: Duration of 12 months, with predicted start date February 2014, in exclusivity regime, according to the regulation of Advanced Training and Qualification of Human Resources – 2013 (http://www.fct.pt/apoios/bolsas/regulamentos.phtml.en) and INEGI’s Regulation for Fellowships. After a successful evaluation at the end of the 12 months period, the fellowship may be renewed until the end of the project. 

Work Place: The work will be undertaken at the INEGI/FEUP (LABIOMEP) facilities, Porto, Portugal.

Brief Description of the Project: Within the framework of this project, it is aimed to add critical mass, implement research strategies and accomplish specific research and innovation developments in a scientific topic of the group of Optics and Experimental Mechanics/Biomechanics:

Topic 1: Biomechanics: contributions to healthcare (BCH).

Fellowship Activities: The selected candidates will be involved in basic and applied research and development activities according to the selected profile described in Section 6 of this call.

Required Profile: Master in Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering or equivalent with specialization in Biomechanics, Mechanical Engineering specializing in Biomechanics. Professional Experience.

Application Deadline and Submission: The call is open from 23-Jan-2014 to 06-Feb-2014

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