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Performance Engineering per el BSC

BSC is looking for a candidate with a technical profile to join in the Operations Department of the Center. The contract will be temporary and the salary conditions will depends on the profile, knowledge and experience of the candidate.

Main Responsibilities:
The candidate will be in charged of the correct operation of the queuing system, configuration ans its maintenance:
  • Responsible of the maintenance and the implementation of the Marenostrum (Supercomputer) monitoring as well as the any other HPC service of the Center
  • Log management execution of MareNostrum HPC services
  • Maintenance and management of MareNostrum accounting, the HPC services of the Center and the projects  of the Center such as RES, PRACE
  • Development and improvement of existing applications to the evolution of any area that we have any kind  of responsibility:
           - Accounting
           - Queuing system
           - Monitoring
           - Automation othe user's management in the queuing system
           - Analysis and reporting about the operation scheduling study

Minimum University degree: Diploma or superior Engineering, preferably in Computer Sciences
  • Extensive experience and knowledge:
          - Programming in scripting (Perl mainly)
          - Programming and debug on C programs
          - Web services develop
  • Advance knowledge on UNIX/Linux configuration services
  • Knowledge and experince in use, configurations and installation of queuing systems and managements of HPC clusters will be evaluated
  • Knowledge and experience in use, configurations and installation of monitoring systems (Ganglia...)
  • Experience in use and installation grid and middleware tools
  • Proactivity, responsibility and organization capacity
  • Intermediate level of English
Deadline 20/03/2014

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