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2 Senior Estimator Marine per Holanda

The Senior Estimator Marine is responsible for all calculations during tender procedures for projects in the maritime sector. Examples of projects are jetties, quay walls, and breakwaters. The position is, with 5 other colleague estimators, part of the Tendering & Engineering department. The engineering projects are traditionally an important element in the portfolio of the company and partly take place in Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Central America and Dubai. Hence, the organization has offices with their own teams, which fall within the area management of those regions, but the projects can be prepared anywhere. Hierarchical you report to the Chief Estimator, functionally to the Tender Manager.
You will work closely with colleagues from the tender team in preparation and drafting of the international projects. Preparations are:
  • cost calculations according to the agreed schedule and tender in accordance with calculation procedures;
  • managing cost control and attending meetings for cost evaluation;
  • budget submission for business meeting and timely delivery of the necessary data for this;
  • supporting the tender team in the next stage, and in the negotiations at request of the tender manager;
  • transfer of budget file to the project after the project has been won;
  • supporting the tender manager and the Chief Estimator in optimizing knowledge and experience in the area of ​​budgets.
As a Senior Estimator you regularly visit marine project locations worldwide in the preparation of tenders. You have to deal with many relevant aspects, such as the variety of contracting and labour costs that vary greatly from country to country. The design department is consulted at an early stage to give you the insight costs that affect the design.
From the Senior Estimator Marine flexibility is expected also in terms of traveling abroad. In total you will stay an average of six times per year for a period of two to three weeks abroad.

The company:

The organization, a division of a multinational construction firm, focuses on maritime and civil engineering projects, e.g. jetties, harbors, quay walls and breakwaters, industrial projects such as water treatment plants and factories, infrastructure projects such as bridges, roads, tunnels, airports and general constructions such as offices, hospitals and hotels outside Europe. Headquartered in the Netherlands where the work area is divided in the following regions Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia and America with corresponding regional offices.

Your profile:

Education and experience:
You have Bachelor or Master of Civil Engineering and a minimum of 10 years experience with large-scale (maritime) construction projects, preferably in an international environment. You are familiar with budgeting methods and have affinity with cost.
You are an analytical and especially creative problem solver; you enjoy making suggestions and coming up with ideas and make use of your imagination and common sense. You adjust easily to new situations and work well under pressure. Furthermore, you possess well developed communication skills, and excellent collaboration skills. You are focused on solutions and on time delivery of business that is under your responsibility. The international environment of the job requires that you master the English language very well, spoken and written.

The offer:

Building long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with their employees is the main goal of the human resources policy of the company. They realize that the quality of their work and the quality of the relationship with their employees depend heavily, if not fully, on personal motivation and satisfaction. Next to this cultural aspect, they offer a market conform salary package and comprehensive training possibilities.

Information and apply:

If you have any questions regarding this position, please do not hesitate to contact Eric Aldewereld at +34 697 677 949 or +31 620 705 651.
Are you interested in this vacancy? You can send your CV and motivation in English. Please make sure your CV has a maximum of 2 pages. If you have worked on many projects, we would like to receive a separate project list by date starting with the most recent one. We would appreciate it if you could send us your information in PDF format for easy upload into our system. Our email address is: Do we already have your CV on file? Than please just send us a motivation for this particular job and we will find your CV in our system.


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