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Training Coordinator per al BSC

An important part of the BSC’s mission, as a service to society, is to provide Training and Professional Skills for students, researchers and the industry within the area of High Performance Computing, Supercomputing and Computational Science.
The BSC Training Coordinator is part of the BSC Education and Training team. Reporting to the Responsible for Academic Programmes, he/she is expected to actively work on all the activities performed by the team in order to fulfill its objectives.
He/she will give special care on the activities related to the funded projects PRACE and Severo Ochoa.
The main functions related to PRACE and Severo Ochoa are described below:
PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe ( In the framework of the project BSC has been selected as one of the six PRACE Advanced Training Centres. The mission of a PRACE Advanced Training Centre (PATC) is to carry out and coordinate training and education activities that enable the European research community to utilise the computational infrastructure available through PRACE. Each PATC is managed by a director and a co-ordinator. The BSC Training Coordinator will perform the functions of PATC co-ordinator at BSC.
The PATC co-ordinator is responsible for the practical operations of the training centre, including arrangement of trainers, ensuring top-quality facilities, catering, etc. The PATC co-ordinator is also responsible for monitoring the budget allocated to the centre. Both the PATC director and the PATC co-ordinator participate in curriculum planning for the centre.

Severo Ochoa. The main goal of the Severo Ochoa (SO) project is to promote the active collaboration between the research groups of the BSC-CNS while supporting cross-departmental research projects with world-class excellence. The aim of the horizontal work package Training and Mobility is to improve communication, professional training and mobility of the BSC staff, enhance collaboration with strategic partners and increase visibility of Mobility grant holders. The BSC Training Coordinator will perform the following functions, among others:
  • Organise Research Seminar Series
  • Organise Summer Schools
  • Coordinate SO Mobility Program
  • Coordinate SO Scholarship Program
Functions:  He/she is expected to actively work on all the activities performed by the BSC Education and Training team in order to fulfill its objectives. Needs to take special care on following activities:
  • Coordinate and effectively implement professional training and academic courses and programs performed by BSC Education and Training team.
  • Coordinate the development of training materials.
  • Get actively involved into the preparation and submission of research proposals.
  • Participate in education and training activities of BSC projects: preparing methodology and implementing learning technologies as well as surveys.
  • Prepare reports for the funded projects based on the results and their analysis
  • Work with the Institution to develop quality assurance framework within the Institution’s overall framework.
  • Contribute to the development of academic policies, good practices and processes across the institution.
  • Develop links with external contacts such as other educational bodies, employers, and professional bodies to foster collaboration.
Skill Specifications:
  • Fluent in English with excellent communication skills
  • Ability to take initiative, prioritize and work under set deadlines and pressure independently and in a team.
  • Experience as a subject convener.
Profile & Experience:
  • At least 5 years’ experience in graduate or postgraduate programs and professional training coordination in the context of Bologna process.
  • At least 3 years’ experience in coordinating other joint and international training and degrees.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in participating in EU projects in area of curricula development, e-learning and implementation of learning technologies as well as designing survey methodologies and leading and administering surveys in targeted areas.
  • With established relationships across institutions in Europe, US, LA and worldwide.
Closing date: 06/01/2014

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