diumenge, 29 de desembre de 2013

Computer Science Engineer per al BSC

The Computer Sciences Department of Barcelona Supercomputing Center offers an engineer position under the ARTIN project, Applicable Research to Interconnection Networks. This project involves IBM and the University of Cantabria for research in computer networks for high performance. It is a great opportunity to work on the programming of these supercomputers.
Main Responsibilities:
• Measurement of using the interconnection network in real time.
• Traffic analysis of scientific applications and big-data in real time.
• Programming MPI’s communication libraries.
• Degree in Computer Engineering or Telecommunications
The following skills will be evaluated:
• Experience in communications programming libraries
• Experience in programming parallel applications with MPI
• Knowledge of programming in C/C ++ and Linux scripting
• Fluent English
All applicants should submit:
  • Cover letter (please, indicate salary expectations)
  • Curriculum vitae
Closing date: 12/01/2014