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Cities Open Challenge by Ferrovial

Cities Open Challenge by Ferrovial is a Call for technological solutions that improve citizen involvement in the delivery or optimization of urban services. Empowering citizens to participate in service delivery not only enables real and meaningful engagement but also helps local governments prioritise and plan better.

Solutions are invited that address the themes of urban service delivery in particular environmental services (waste collection, street cleaning and parks maintenance), tourism, mobility and infrastructure maintenance (energy management of public buildings, maintenance of public roads and urban furniture). The Call offers winning solution providers the opportunity to work closely with Ferrovial and city representatives to prove and develop their product. 

Submission is online through a Citymart.com Showcase and validated project. The Call is a two-round process with expert juries from each Partner City choosing a winner to work with Ferrovial and the municipality to pilot in their community.

See the Call Process download, for a complete description of how to submit, the submission requirements and what is expected at each step of the process including dates and timeframes.

See also the Downloads for the full Challenge Description, the Evaluation Process and Criteria and the Terms & Conditions of the Call.

For further information see the Ferrovial Cities Open Challenge webpage.

Challenge is open for submission until 20 Feb 2014

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