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Post-Doc Position - Project UNION

Call for applications: Post-Doc Position

The Functional Nanomaterials Group in the Advanced Materials for Energy Area of IREC announces a Postdoctoral Research Position available for a highly motivated candidate to work in the FP7 UNION Project.
UNIO project proposes the development of nanoparticles assembly techniques, and assembly monitoring technologies to prepare novel hierarchically-ordered nanoparticles clusters (NPs). In particular, the project will investigate how emergent properties of the assemblies are determined by the architecture of the assembly, the extent of order, and the properties of the component NPs. This will enable tuning of the primary NP properties and the assembly processes to develop significant breakthroughs in nano-devices and next generation complex nanotechnology products.
The candidate will carry out a multidisciplinary activity with the final aim of produce nanocomposites from bottom-up approaches and test their functionality.
Candidate must have a Bachellor degree in Chemistry, Physics, Material Science or equivalent. Previous experience in the production, assembly, manipulation, characterization and use of colloidal nanoparticles will be required for the position. The candidate will work in the framework of WP4 (Functional assessment of nanoparticle clusters (NPC function)) and WP7 (Level 2 Assembly: Nanocomposite formation, thermoelectric) of the UNION project.

Additional information:
  • CV, personal references and a motivation letter have to be sent to Dr. Andreu Cabot (
  • Deadline for applications: October 28th 2013, 12:00 AM (Spanish local time)
  • Incorporation: Novenber 11th 2013 
  • Duration of the contract: 6 months
  • Gross salary: 29.000 Euros/year

The recruitment process will follow the guidelines of the European Charter of Researchers. Further information can be directly obtained from: Dr. Andreu Cabot (

Project no. 310250
Project Acronym: UNION
Project title: Ultra-versatile Nanoparticle Integration into Organized Nanoclusters (Project no: 310250, NMP.2012.1.4-2)
Host Institution: Catalonia Institute for Energy Research - IREC
Area: Advanced Materials for Energy
Head of the Area: Prof. Joan Ramon Morante
Group: Functional Nanomaterials
Group Leader: Dr. Andreu Cabot


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