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Media Technical Project Manager per I2Cat

Work at the Media research team of i2CAT. Join i2CAT researchers who are breaking new ground on future internet in different areas. Participate on EC research projects with i2CAT and get involved in multidisciplinary teams, with the opportunity to work with industry on developing new technologies.
i2CAT is looking for an experienced Technical Project Manager to join our Media Area. His/her main roles is to work on the media-networks research technology roadmap definition and lead the technical developments of the projects, while reporting to the Area Manager. He/she will also need to understand the state of the art in media-network research with the capability to understand the innovation process to move from research to products.
This position will be a senior in the Media Unit and as such, the successful candidate will be seen as coach and mentor for some of the more junior PM team members.  
This role will be responsible for managing research & development media projects.
Key responsibilities:
  • Propose new research directions to feed i2CAT innovation.
  • Define functional and non-functional system requirements and develop software requirements specification & software architecture.
  • Technical leadership of research projects and represent i2CAT’s research activities in EC research projects.
  • Conduct, present research activities and demonstrate results in conferences, journals and trade shows.
  • Supervise non permanent staff (PhDs, post-docs or interns).
  • Contribute to transfer of technologies to third parties.
  • Develop research collaborations, especially with academia (collaborative projects, co-supervision of PhDs).
  • Control the quality of internal and external deliverables.
  • Generate intellectual property (patents, IPR).
  • Perform project management duties.
Education / Experience:
  • 3+ years research experience.
  • PhD in Computer Science (otherwise, equivalent experience in research needs to be demonstrated).
  • Specific knowledge with strong background in network media, real time media transport, WebRTC, videoconferencing systems, CDN’s, CCN architectures, compression and transcoding systems.
  • High scientific level associated with strong technical leadership.
  • Expertise with Agile development methodologies.
  • Expertise as software architect and good skills in software development (C/C++, JAVA, openCV, Windows/Linux,..).
  • Proven track record in publications, technical innovation and problem solving.
  • Demonstrated experience on managing multiple projects/activities.
  • Fluent English mandatory.
Valuable experience:
  • Experience as Scrum Master.
  • The offer will depend on the value and CV of the candidate
Details for application:


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