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BSC-CNS is at the service of the international scientific community and industry that require High Performance Computing resources. The multidisciplinary research team and the computational facilities –including MareNostrum – make BSC-CNS an international center of excellence in e-Science.
BSC-CNS is looking for young scientists from the national and international community. We encourage applications from highly motivated engineers and computational scientists with outstanding qualifications. Successful candidates will join research groups with top-level scientists and will carry out their research in cutting-edge areas of Computer Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences and Computer Applications in Sciences and Engineering.
Computer Sciences
TITLE: A Domain Specific Language (DSL) for solving Convection-Diffusion-Reaction (CDR) equations
The Parallel Programming Models group from the Computer Science Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is offering a PhD grant in the context of the Severo Ochoa project. The goal of the project is to develop a framework for Domain Specific Languages that leverages the power of HPC Systems.
We are looking for a motivated and talented PhD student with background/interest in functional programming languages, domain specific languages (DSLs), parallel programming models and computer architecture.
The position requires knowledge of Haskell or Scala and C++ languages.
We will value previous experience in the development of DSLs, programming models and/or experience with parallel and distributed programming in general. Knowledge of OmpSs, MPI or CUDA/OpenCL (or other parallel languages) will be valued.
Life Sciences
TITLE: Development of new methodology for high-throughput structural annotation of pathological mutations involved in protein interactions, with application to personalized medicine
There is an exponentially increasing amount of SNPs and pathological mutation data obtained from genomics studies that will be used for diagnostic purposes in a personalized medicine context. However, we need to understand them at molecular level to be able to predict the effect of new mutations (not annotated in databases) or to be used for new therapeutics.
Many of these mutations are involved in protein interactions that are annotated in databases, but few of them are characterized at structural level. In order to dramatically expand the number of mutations that can be structurally mapped into protein-protein interactions, we will build models and identify potential protein interfaces by computational docking at high-throughput scale (interactomics). In collaboration with the Computer Sciences Department, we will develop novel methodologies that allow a fast access to the protein interaction repositories and computational docking algorithms that can run in multiple computational platforms. The implementation of this technology will have immediate impact in the clinical use for diagnostic purposes and future genomic-based treatment decisions.
Earth Sciences
-TITLE: Air Quality and Climate/Meteorology Feedbacks: Aerosol interaction on atmospheric processes at global scale
The Earth Sciences Department at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center is offering a PhD grant in the context of the Severo Ochoa project. The goal of the project is to study the aerosol feedbacks on atmospheric processes with a high-resolution global model. During the project, a high-resolution configuration of a global model developed at the center will be deployed with the collaboration of the Computer Sciences Department. The candidate will implement the aerosols feedbacks on meteorology and chemistry and will quantify the impact of the aerosol feedbacks of the most global relevant aerosols on meteorology and air quality. The results will provide new insights on the role of such processes and it characterization with a high-resolution modeling system. 
We are looking for a motivated and talented PhD student with a strong background in physics, chemistry and atmospheric modelling. A degree on physics or meteorology is strongly recommended. The position requires the knowledge of Fortran and C languages and wide experience with NetCDF format files, post-processing tools as NCO, CDO, and analysis tools as R, GDL, Matlab.
Computer Applications in Sciences and Engineering
- TITLE:Integrating cardiac biomechanical simulations with medical images
The CASE department develops Alya, an HPC-based simulation platform, capable of running efficiently in thousands of processors. Biomechanics is among the most active application lines of Alya, particularly, those related to the cardiovascular system. This code is the core simulation tool of our cardiac compuational model Alya Red CCM, where the heart is modelled at organ level, coupling electrical activation, muscular action and blood flow.
This FPI project aims to integrate medical image and simulation in a seamless pipeline, creating a unique tool.
The position requires very good programming skills (C and/or modern Fortran, parallel programming...), computational mechanics knowledge (numerical methods, computational geometry...) and a extreme curiosity and eagerness to work in a highly multi-disciplinary project.
Conditions and benefits
The training programme will last 4 years to complete the PhD thesis.
The fellows will benefit from the Training Programme and BSC staff benefits:
  • International multidisciplinary scientific environment.
  • Advanced research training
  • Advanced computational facilities
Only students (Spanish nationals and non-nationals) who are eligible to the doctoral program of reference may apply to this call.
Proceeding to apply this call:
You have to register your candidature through the MICIN application:
It is mandatory register the candidature through the MICINN application and then send the documents required by “administrative” post by the official Spanish post before 31st October 2013.


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