dilluns, 7 d’octubre de 2013

1st year PostDoc positions in the field of Wind Energy and Smart Grids per IREC

Up to three (3) 1st year Post Doc positions are offered to work on technical research projects in the fields of wind energy and smart grids. The tasks to be carried out in the field of wind energy will be mainly focused to modeling, control and design of wind turbine and wind power plant components and systems. The tasks to be carried out in the field of smart grids will be mainly focused to smart grids components and power system design, grid integration and support of renewable energy, energy storage systems and grid integration of electric mobility.
This professional must be highly skilled in research projects including experimental and laboratory activities. Capacity to work in a team, flexible, innovative, with initiative and problem solving skills. High level of analytical and synthesis skills.
The professional is expected to lead research projects (competitive and industrial) in the wind energy and smart grids fields of activity and publish high-level articles.

Qualifications and experience required:

Essential: PhD in electrical engineering or similar. Experience in modeling, control and design of wind turbine and wind power plant components and systems. Experience in smart grids systems and their applications, energy storage systems, power transmission systems, grid integration and support. 

Preferred:Excellent Experience in the energy sector: microgrids, smartgrids, electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and, in particular, in modeling, control and design of electrical systems within these fields of activity. Knowledge of the Iberian energy sector is preferred. Experience in international research collaborative projects and the execution of third party projects is desired. The candidate should have at least 3 months experience in research center or university different to the university where he has obtained his PhD. JCR Journal publications.

Language required:Fluent in Spanish and English.

Personal Skills: - Team Worker
- Initiative in Research and Innovation.
- Flexibility
- Results-oriented
- Analytical and synthesis capabilities
- Skills in modeling and simulation with Power System simulation software: Digsilent, Matlab-Simulink, etc.

Salaries will be paid in accordance with the IREC’s salary policy, depending on the candidate’s qualification and professional experience.

Send applications by email directly to irecjobs@irec.cat indicate Post-Doc Position EE&PP in the subject including:
- A motivation letter with reasons for applying, qualifications and the intentions and visions for the position
- Curriculum vitae with personal, academic and professional data
- Scientific qualifications with list of publications, participation to disseminations or training events, committees or boards