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Pre-doctoral research fellowship in computer vision:Extraction of 3D Measurements and Data from the Analysis of Endoscopic Images

Endoscopic devices allow physicians to navigate inside the human body. During navigation physicians can observe the interior of human organs in order to check their status. Moreover, endoscopic devices also allow physicians to perform minimally invasive procedures such as biopsia for cancer characterization.

In recent times, endoscopic devices have improved in terms of image quality and compactness and, thus, their exploration capacity has significantly increased. However, a main limitation for a widespread use is the exhaustive training of the physician and errors in volumetric measures and 3D positioning, as they are both carried out manually from a visual inspection of the videos.

The IAM group at the Computer Vision Center ( offers a 4 year predoc contract. The contract is associated to a project funded by the Spanish Government and has a travelling budget of 6000 euro per year. The objective of the work will be to develop computational methods than can be use to aid in the diagnostic in endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy or bronchoscopy. More precisely the work to be done by the student will be focused on:

Automatic extraction of volumetric measures of structures that alter the normal appearance of endoscopic organs (gastrointestinal tumors for colonoscopy and obstructions of the respiratory tract for the case of bronchoscopy).
Development of a 3D positioning and localization method to be used inside hollow organs (such as intestines or bronchi). This method will allow physicians to rapidly locate and reach the attention-demanding area by only using endoscopic images.
The candidate must have a degree in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering. A master in computer vision, image processing, graphics or similar will be highly appreciated. The ideal candidate should have a strong mathematical background, computational skills, fluent English and be fond of medical image processing.

Positions are open from 26th August to 10th September. Candidates should follow the instructions given at the Spanish Ministry web site.

For any questions you can contact

Lloc: CVC - Campus UAB (Bellaterra)


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