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Call 4/2013-1 - Industrial PhD -SMARTECH Department per al CTTC

The Smart Energy Efficient Communication Technologies (SMARTECH) Department of the Telecommunications Technological Centre of Catalonia (CTTC) is looking for a potential PhD candidate to be co-funded by the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) and the IQUADRAT Informatica S.L under the AGAUR´s Industrial PhD Program.
We address (pre-PhD) researchers with a MSc aiming at significantly improving their career perspectives from both the PUBLIC and PRIVATE sector.
The duration of the appointment is 3 years. Applicants will be enrolled in the PhD program of the Signal Theory and Communication Department of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

The PhD candidate will conduct research on 5th generation (5G) wireless networks. In particular, the proposed PhD project will exploit promising technologies, such as “network coding” and “node cooperation”, working in synergy with “interference management policies and small cells” to provide a new radio networking topology in the context of the 5G paradigm. In particular, the specific objectives include:
  • Investigation and demonstration of a new network architecture to provide ubiquitous virtual small cell access via a high-speed backhaul link for outdoor small cells by exploiting cooperation and network coding in LTE-A networks
  • Study of coexistence between virtual small cells and macro cells and proposal of interference-aware network-coded cooperation mechanisms;
  • Investigation of advanced secure network coding schemes for cooperative wireless networks to ensure the privacy of the data and the users, preventing potential jammers and free riders;
Junior researchers with an MSc degree in telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer science, or related fields, and capacity of carrying out innovative research, are highly encouraged to apply for this position.
The candidate must have experience in wireless networking, specifically in Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols and/or Network Coding. Applicants should also have a solid background in some of the following fields: networking, information theory, communication theory, signal processing, optimization theory, network information theory, and coding theory. Knowledge on simulation environments such as MATLAB and C/C++ is required.

  • The recruited researcher should not already have a PhD and they should have the qualifications to embark on a PhD program.
  • The recruited researcher should be able to get a residence permit in Spain.
  • The student’s academic record should fulfill a minimum requirement in terms of average normalized scores, computed according to the rules established by AGAUR

Gross salary of 22.000€ as defined by the AGAUR´s Industrial PhD program


  • Download the application form for the PhD offer from the following link:
  • Fill “A EMPLENAR PEL CANDIDAT”, in pages 5 and 6 and save (Guardar/Desar) the pdf file in your local computer.
  • When you fill the required info, finalize the application by clicking the “Finalitzar” bottom.
  • You have to send the pd ffile to the, and The file should have the following format and name DI_IQUADRAT_UPC_A07_2013_043_name_surname.pdf
  • You have to print out the application form (6 pages) and you have to only sign the part of the applicant (Data i signatura de l’interessat)
  • Send it by post (registered mail) to the following address (Deadline: on the 30th of September):
Ref: Doctorats Industrials
Pg. Lluís Companys, 23
08010 Barcelona

  • Send your CV and your degree grades ONLY to and

Informal email enquiries can be made to Christos Verikoukis and Melani Gurdiel


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Webinar: Estratègia, tecnologia i globalització: escenari de futur

Aquest seminari és el tercer del Cicle Catalunya Clústers “ESTRATÈGIES PER ENCARAR EL FUTUR”, organitzat per ACCIÓ i pels 29 clústers del programa Catalunya Clústers. 
La crisi de la covid-19 és un gran accelerador. El que passaria en deu anys, passarà en deu mesos. En la turbulència, la constant de creixement l’asseguren les empreses que generen i acumulen dades, coneixement i talent.
La tecnologia es converteix en el major driver econòmic de la història, el més ràpid i el més contundent. Imprescindible per a la creació de riquesa i la distribució de prosperitat, inclús per a la nostra salut i supervivència.
Davant d’aquest context les empreses han de reposicionar-se creant un ecosistema, activant equips d’alt rendiment i actuant com a organitzacions ambidextres que exploten el negoci actual i alhora exploren nous horitzons.
La ponència anirà a càrrec de Xavier Ferràs, Professor titular del Departament d’Operacions, Innovació i Data Sciences d’ESADE.
Presentació de la sessió

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EQUALS in Tech Award 2020

The Equals in Tech Awards are given every year to organizations and individuals working to help girls and women gain equal internet access, digital skills and opportunities in the tech industry.
Individuals and organizations can nominate their own initiatives or those of others for an award in the following categories:
Access: Initiatives related to improving women’s and girls’ digital technology access, connectivity and securitySkills: Initiatives that support development of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills of women and girlsLeadership (in two subcategories):Initiatives focused on promoting women in decision-making roles within the ICT fieldInitiatives promoting women’s leadership in technology SMEsResearch: Initiatives prioritizing research on gender digital divides and producing reliable evidence to tackle diversity issues within STEM and computing fields The deadline for nominations is 09 August, 2020.
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