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HP University Barcelona

HP University Barcelona is a “best-in-class training” delivered to excellent fresh graduates coming from all Europe.

Through this program, you will be actively participating in different training modules (Business insight, soft skills, marketing techniques, etc), using your knowledge to real business cases from a global perspective and working directly with our printer engines and technological solutions.

This experience will give you the opportunity to gain a clear strategic vision of the printing market, while acquiring a deep knowledge of HP products & solutions at our international office located in Barcelona, Spain.

After this one-month training fully delivered in English by talented professionals, outstanding participants will get the opportunity to join HP as employees.

The program cost will be funded by HP and you will receive financial support to fund your stay in Barcelona if you don’t live in the city.

We’re looking for highly motivated recently graduates in Business Administration and Engineeringwho are fluent in English and have outstanding analytical, communication and presentation skills.

Business Administration Profile
  • Recent graduates in Business Administration, Economics or similar
  • English Proficiency is a must.
  • The following language combinations will be highly appreciated:
    • Dutch & French
    • German & Dutch
    • Spanish &Italian
    • French & Italian
  • Business analysts also sought
  • Expertise in market share and units forecasting
  • Strong Excel and presentation skills
  • Good inter-personal abilities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivation and confidence
  • Organized and responsible
  • Creative, social and with initiative
  • Graphic business background highly appreciated
Engineering Profile
  • Recent graduates in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Process and Telecommunications Engineers).
  • English Proficiency is a must.
  • French, German or Italian, as well as other European languages, are highly appreciated.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • A passion for technology and deep interest in working with printers, presses and engines.
  • Project management and coordination skills.
  • Any knowledge and experience in Graphics or photo will be considered (colour management principles, relevant software).
If you are passionate about Business & Technology, Join HP University Barcelona! by sending your CV to

Recruitment: Selection processes in every country prior to the final selection of candidates.
Deadline for applications: 30 July 2013

When: September 2013, Intensive training given by Hewlett Packard and Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Where: Barcelona, Spain
Monthly Grant: € 500 + travel and housing allowances (eligibility for non-residents in Barcelona).
Certification: Certificate in ongoing education awarded by Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.
Insurance: Accident insurance for the duration of the program.


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