dilluns, 17 de setembre de 2012

.NET Developers per Apsis a Suecia

We are now looking for dedicated .Net Developers to strengthen our team in Malmö.
At APSIS we use the latest technology and aim to further develop and educate our employees in the technologies we use.

Our main technologies and Frameworks are:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • NUnit
  • Jenkins CI Focus on Quality

We’re committed to creating a product with high quality, both externally from the
customers’ perspective and internally by working on maintaining a design that is
manageable and adaptable over time. We work with concepts like Domain-Driven Design as
well as
automated testing to achieve this.

At APSIS you’ll find an environment that consciously works to create an agile environment
that suits our needs. We want you to be a part of this work.

APSIS Pro is a highly visible and used product in the cutting edge of our business. This means
you’ll get instant feedback from those using it. Within minutes from deploying a new feature
you can see what
you’ve created being used to solve problems in the wild.

Our product, APSIS Pro is ever growing in terms of companies who use our product but also
how much and what features they use. This means you’ll be working with an architecture
that needs to respond
quickly even when under heavy load. That means you’ll be part of a team that constantly
works at balancing performance optimizations with readability and keeping an adaptable

You and Us?
We want you to have the relevant education and several years of experience in the areas
described above. We use English as the daily communication language.

At APSIS we meet challenges together. We know we can provide our customers with
valuable knowledge and our passion is to exceed their expectations.
While we strongly believe in the individual driver, we always strive to give our employees a
chance to be successful and if you are the right person there is great potential to influence
your future development. We offer you an exciting product that is highly valued by the
market, a wonderful and positive work environment in a company with vision and optimism.
We hope you will be part of APSIS continued success and internationalization.

Submit your application as soon as possible! Please send your CV IN ENGLISH to eures-

Fulltime, 40 hrs/wk, permanent position

Employer Address

Stormgatan 11
21136 Malmö

Last date for applications October 10, 2012