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Oferta: Analyst per SBC

SBC_Recruiting_Brochure_196x138 Position Overview

SBC is an energy company focused on delivering general management consulting support to clients
across the value chain in all aspects of the energy industry. Our Consulting Practice is organised as a
Worldwide P&L, and is responsible for Consulting Related client interactions, business development, and
service delivery.

Our focus is Oil and Gas, with strong bias to exploration and production, though we have staff with
experience on nearly all industry topics and engage in a wide variety of energy projects. Typical services
are business unit strategies, organisation, performance improvement, human resources strategies and
transformation enabled by E&P technologies and information technologies.

The organisation is structured around clients, and horizontal practices. Geographies are structured as
Areas (North & South America, Europe-Middle East-Africa, Asia), each managed by a director. As our
clients are global, the teams are not structured by country: they are asked to serve clients on a global
basis, to pursue opportunities within the area, and lend assistance to teams in other areas.

An Analyst is a junior member of a consulting team, an individual contributor developing his/her
consulting skills working under the supervision of a Manager.

Typical activities include:

  • Project delivery: Developing an understanding of client issues, gathering data, building models,
    supporting the preparation of written documents for client discussions, and developing an
    understanding of a client’s context and issues
  • Client interactions: Understands client dynamics and culture, demonstrates professionalism and
    sensitivity, builds the trust and respect of client team members, influencing and convincing them
    when needed
  • Team Interactions: Effectively prioritizes own tasks and ensures quality of own deliverables,
    demonstrates a positive attitude and willingness to help


While experience in oil & gas (or energy in general) is preferred, such work history is not a requirement.
In addition, the analyst will be expected to demonstrate the following consulting skills:

  • Problem solving: structuring, issue identification, data gathering and analysis, and early
    recommendation development
  • Potential to work effectively within a consulting team
  • Leadership potential and drive
  • Strong, well structured communication skills, both written and oral, including in English

Analysts will have an undergraduate degree, preferably in a Business or Engineering discipline

SBC Recruiting Brochure

Les persones interessades , poden enviar el seu cv a Eduncliffe@slb.com