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Enginyer d’aplicacions per Metronor a Noruega


METRONOR. Ingeniero de aplicaciones (Application engineer) Ingenieros técnicos y superiores en mecánica industrial y afines. Inglés.

Entrevistas a los candidatos pre-seleccionados a realizar en Valencia, 18 y 19 de Abril, 2012.

Employer:  Metronor AS
Fekjan 13, 1394 Nesbru, Norway


Description of the company

Metronor AS, based in Asker Norway, is an international company developing and marketing portable
coordinate measurement systems based on electro-optical methods. With subsidiaries in USA and China as
well as sales partners all over the world, we support the latest projects in aerospace, automotive, renewable
energy as well as a range of other industries. Over the last two decades, Metronor has built a customer
portfolio of more than 100 companies including industry leaders like Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, Lockheed
Martin, Volkswagen, BMW and BAE Systems.

Information about the position: Application Engineer

We seek an Application Engineer to extend and strengthen our Norwegian based technical sales and support
team. While based in Norway, the right candidate will be a member of a dynamic international team
responsible for sales and support of customers, sales partners and projects worldwide.

Participate in and conduct product demonstrations for potential customers
Create and conduct training programs for customers
Install systems at customer’s facilities
Perform application support services in response to customer requirements, both remote (phone,
Internet, E-mail) and on customer’s site
Write User Manual, Training Manual and other technical documentation as needed

Profile requested

  • B.Sc. or M.Sc in engineering disciplines, preferably within mechanical engineering,
  • Speak and write English fluently
  • Excellent communication skills, Knowledge and skills in technical sales
  • Knowledge of 3D measurement technology
  • Knowledge of CAD/CAM/CNC
  • Ability to large amount of international travelling

Salary indications:

B.Sc: Fresh from school 425.000 NOK/5 years experience 490.000 NOK
M.Sc Fresh from school 450.000 NOK/5 years experience 550.000 NOK
(1 NOK= 0.13 € apr.)

Application date: latest 1/4/2012

How to apply: Please send COVER LETTER + CV IN ENGLISH (ONLY ONE
FILE) to Reference: METRONOR


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