dimarts, 12 de juliol de 2011

Beques: Master on Renewable Energy

Encara hi ha places disponibles en aquest màster que disposa d’un programa de beques.

Tuition fees

Annual costs will be:

  • 4000 € for EU-member state citizens, and citizens from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.
  • 8000 € for non-EU students
Scholarship possibilities
 Up to 40 scholarships in year 2011: 10,000 €/student 

  • 10 scholarships at UPC
  • 10 scholarships at IST
  • 10 scholarships at KTH
  • 5 scholarships at École Polytechnique


Internship in industry for the MSc thesis, during the 4th semester.

  • The internship will be remunerated.
  • The internship will be aligned with KIC InnoEnergy research & technology projects.

Additional benefits

The link of the MSc RENE with KIC InnoEnergy provides additional benefits for students in terms of:

  • Support for creating start-ups or commercializing technology based on ideas generated in the MSc thesis: development of business plan, team building, technology development and IP protection, funding, first customers, etc.
  • Networking with major European players and other students in the field of sustainable energy

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