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Oferta: BackEnd Engineer (Tuenti)






TITULADO EN: Ingeniería Informática,


Experiencia: 1 o 2 años
Formación Complementaria: PHP, Java, C#


Ingles--> Alto

Informática: Programación
Programas: PHP, Java, C#


Tuenti is seeking talented engineers to build a fast, reliable data management layer to power Tuenti. This is a full-time position based in our office in central Madrid. Responsibilities: • Design, implement, and maintain data layer of Tuenti and its services, including validation, storage, and access • Apply new data management techniques to support site growth • Optimize application performance, with respect to CPU utilization, network traffic, data storage size, response time, and concurrency • Write and maintain tests of the data access logic • Write documentation for code and tests • Analyze and identify bottlenecks in system performance • Debug issues based on user report Requirements: • 1-2+ years experience solving challenging performance problems, preferably related to web applications • BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience • Deep understanding of algorithms, time/space complexity, and scalability • Experience applying open-source solutions • High proficiency in procedural and object-oriented languages, preferably C/C++ • Proficiency in scripting with PHP or Python • Knowledge of Linux kernel • Familiarity with networking concepts, protocols, and socket programming • Knowledge of relational databases (MySQL/PostgreSQL) and other approaches to data management, particularly performance aspects • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities


Tipo de contrato: Indefinido
Duración(en meses): 24
Formación A Cargo De La Empresa: Si
Jornada Semanal(Horas): 40


Referencia: Backend
Persona de contacto: Departamento RR.HH.
Web de la empresa:
Fecha límite recepción de candidatura: 15/06/2011


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