dimarts, 16 d’octubre de 2018

Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms: Digital Commons, Ethical Standards and Free Software for Cities

Cities are starting to rethink the smart city, aiming to transcend its merely technological objectives, not only in order to better respond to the needs of citizens but also to address several of the important urban challenges facing the city. This is why issues such as access to affordable housing, climate change, energy transition and sustainability lie at its core.

Cities are forming new public policies and alliances around the strong belief in the importance of data and technology for transforming the city, from delivering better and more affordable public services to making the municipal government more open, agile and participatory.

The Barcelona Digital Plan, co-created with the city’s innovation ecosystem is an example of this new approach to digital policy. Setting new directives that put citizens first, and advocate for technological sovereignty. Such measures insist on re-establishing control over data and information generated by digital technologies as well as promoting public digital infrastructures based on free software and open standards.

The broader goal of this event is to promote democratic, ethical and sovereign digital cities that enhance the common good – ensuring that the digital revolution is serving the many, not just the few.

Organized by Commissioner of Technology and Digital Innovation together with Decidim Barcelona, SokoTech, and the FLOSSBCN community.

18 October 2018  09:00 – 20:00
@ Fabra i Coats, Carrer Sant Adrià, 20, Barcelona

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