dimecres, 5 de setembre de 2018

Webinar on E-mobility: Planning and charging Infrastructure

Transport and mobility, energy production and consumption are crucial, transversal elements affecting all aspects of socio-economic development in Europe, central to each European citizen’s quality of life and essential in any urban development planning in a Europe characterized by growing urbanization.

Regional and local authorities are already at the forefront in the shift to low-emission mobility and implement incentives for low-emission alternative energies and vehicles. Through sustainable urban mobility planning, integrating spatial planning and looking into mobility demand, they encourage modal shift to active travel (cycling and walking), public transport and/or shared mobility schemes, i.e. bike- and car-sharing and car-pooling, to reduce congestion and pollution in cities.

This webinar will be the first one of a series of 4 webinars on Mobility aiming to enable Regions and Energy Agencies to share best practices in terms of Mobility at local level developed across Europe.

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
  • Development of E-mobility
  • E-mobility & auto-consumption
  • Financing Mobility shift
  • How municipalities can work closely with local SMEs to deliver sustainable transport solutions

Data: 06.09.2018

Hora: 10:30

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