dilluns, 23 de juliol de 2018

New Space Station opportunity for university students

ESA Education is inviting university student teams to submit proposals related to designing, building and operating an experiment that will be launched to the International Space Station and hosted inside the ICE Cubes facility for up to 4 months.

Teams interested in participating to the Orbit Your Thesis! 2019 programme should submit an accurately completed set of documentsdetailing the description of the experiments that they intend to perform. Nominally the proposed experiments should aim to fit into 1 U Cube, however, depending on the complexity of the experiment and the availability of slots on the facility, ESA Education may consider experiments up to 4U. Experiments are required to be a key part of master or PhD theses, and the subject of the experiments investigations must necessitate long exposure to ISS environmental conditions.

STATUS: OPEN ESA Education is accepting proposals.

DEADLINE: 2nd September 2018 23:59 PM

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