01 January 2015

Oferta: Junior HPC User Supportper el BSC

Barcelona Supercomputing Center offers a position for Junior High Performance Computing User Support, we are looking for an engineer or a student within the last years of the degree on Computer Science or similar to join the Operations Department of the Center.
We will accept candidatures interested in a part-time work as well as students of Computer Sciences Engineering Degree. There is the option to perform within operations department the Undergraduate Thesis Project related to HPC and supercomputing.
Key Duties:
During the first 3 months the BSC staff will train the candidate in HPC technologies, supercomputers, performance tools and programming models.
After these 3 months the candidate will take the following responsibilities:
  • Resolve the incidences that the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) users may have during their executions as well as assist them in developing their applications to obtain an efficient use of the computational resources.
  • Maintenance of the databases related to the activities and projects of the Center.
  • Help the User Support and applications consultant group with performance application monitoring and parallel optimization.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Experience and knowledge in:
                                   - Linux Systems
                                   - MySQL
  • Good written English skills
  • Experience in parallel programming models (MPI, OpenMP, threads,...) is an advantage but not a requirement.
The position will be located at BSC within the Operations department in collaboration with the specific program coordinator. The contract will be for one year renewable.
Deadline: 23 January, 2015
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