diumenge, 3 d’agost de 2014

Junior Engineer per CELLS

CELLS is a consortium whose aim is the management of the economical, technical and administrative collaboration of the entities being part of the consortium, Ministerio de Ciéncia y Tecnología and Generalitat de Catalunya. The object of the collaboration is the construction, equipping and exploitation of the Synchrotron Radiation Light Source Laboratory sited in the area of Vallès Occidental.

The ALBA main storage ring has an energy of 3 Gev and delivers synchrotron light. The diameter of the main storage ring is about 85 m and 7 beam lines are in operation.


his is a temporary vacancy for about 1 year, to give support to an externally funded project.

He/She will develop mechanical/vacuum Project Engineer functions under the guide of the project engineer in charge of the projects.

  • Participate to the conceptual solutions of the projects
  • Project development with CAD tools (Siemens Nx)
  • Participate in the documentation write up: conceptual design report, detailed design report, etc…
  • Draw the production drawings (and its specifications)
  • Listing the production parts and standard parts.
  • Write up technical specifications for public call for tenders.
  • Production follow up
  • Mounting and installation follow up
  • Prepare, develop and follow up of the final acceptance tests.

Gross salary: around 20.000 €/year.

Termini:  08/08/2014

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