dilluns, 7 d’abril de 2014

Two PhD Research Fellowship in Statistics

Two position as PhD Research fellow (Stipendiat SKO 1017) available at the Department of Mathematics.

The first fellowship is for a period of up to 3 years, without teaching or administrative duties. The second fellowship is for a period of up to 4 years, with up to 25% teaching or administrative duties. The starting date for the two positions is no later than 01.10.2014.

Job/ project description:

The PhD fellows will carry out research in statistical methodology related to the five-year project "Focus Driven Statistical Inference With Complex Data" (FocuStat), funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The themes and topics for the FocuStat project are broadly defined, inside the theory and applications of modern statistics for complex data structures. These themes in particular include Bayesian nonparametrics, model selection and averaging, methods that combine or bridge parametrics and nonparametrics, confidence distributions, new ways of combining statistical information, high-dimensional data, etc.

The doctoral fellows will be members of the research group for Statistics and Biostatistics and, once appointed, a project plan will be worked out in accordance with the activities of the research group in general and those for the FocuStat project in particular.


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has a strategic ambition of being a leading research faculty. Candidates for these fellowships will be selected in accordance with this, and expected to be in the upper segment of their class with respect to academic credentials.
Applicants must hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in statistics, or document that they will complete their Master's degree in the course of the spring semester 2014.

Candidates without a Master’s degree have until 30 June, 2014 to complete the final exam.
A good command of English is required.

Application deadline: 20/04/2014