dimarts, 15 d’abril de 2014

Sysadmin Junior per el BSC

We are looking for a candidate with a technical profile to join to the Operations Department of the Center. The salary conditions will base on the profile, knowledge and experience of the candidate. The contract will be temporary.
Main Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will become part of a team with the following responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the installation, maintenance, updating and resolving incidences of computer Center servers
  • Responsible for the request, management of hardware incidences MareNostrum Supercomputer
  • Technical support in a system level of the rest clusters from the "Red Española de Supcomputación"
  • Configuration and maintenance the computer services of the Center:
           - Mail, web...
           - Database server
           - Backups server
           - Calculation server
  • Minimum University qualification. Diploma or technical degree, preferably in IT
  • Knowledge and experience:
            - System Administration on UNIX (preferably Linux)
            - Configuration and service management
  • Advanced knowledge in the use of UNIX platforms, exprience will be assessed on Linux
  • Communication skills and deal with users
  • Initiative, proactive atittude, responsibility and good organizational skills
  • Excellent spoken and written English
All applicants would submit:
  • Cover letter (please include in the cover letter your salary expectations)
  • Curriculum vitae
Deadline: Wednesday, 23 April, 2014

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