dissabte, 12 d’abril de 2014

Senior SW Memory Systems Engineer per Irlanda

Role Overview: 

  • Contribute to software and infrastructure road-mapping and architecture definition and refinement. 
  • Assess the suitability and impact of next generation memory devices (flash, PCM, persistent memory etc.) 
  • on the design and architecture of database management systems. 
  • Design and develop novel solutions to incorporate next generation memory devices into in-memory 
  • database engine design. 
  • Specifically focus on innovative data structures, algorithms and techniques leveraging newer memory 
  • devices and persistence models. 

Expectations and Tasks: 

Support the integration of next generation memory devices technology into the memory hierarchy of the
Cloud Cell Architecture.

Application Method: 
Please send a copy of your CV to the employer by post, e-mail:  careers@europeanintellect.eu