dimarts, 8 d’abril de 2014

PhD Research Fellowship in Fluid Mechanics

Position as PhD Research fellow (Stipendiat SKO 1017) available at the Department of Mathematics.

The PhD fellowship will be for a period of 3 years, with no compulsory work (teaching). Starting date no later than 01.10.2014..

Job/ project description:
The position is connected with the project «DOMT - Developments in Optical Measurement Techniques» funded by the University of Oslo (UiO) and the Research Council of Norway. Joint supervision will be given by J. Kristian Sveen and Atle Jensen (UiO).

The project objective is to improve current state of the art in the optical measurement techniques known as Particle Image Velocimetry and Synthetic Schlieren (aka Background Oriented Schlieren). These techniques rely on the principles of pattern matching and are used in a wide variety of experiments in fluid mechanics and physics. The project will work with two specific improvements to PIV and Synthetic Schlieren, and the results will be applied to a set of different experiments in the intersection between fluid mechanics and colloid chemistry.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has a strategic ambition of being a leading research faculty. Candidates for these fellowships will be selected in accordance with this, and expected to be in the upper segment of their class with respect to academic credentials.

Applicants must hold a Master’s degree or equivalent in fluid mechanics.

Candidates without a Master’s degree have until 30 June, 2014 to complete the final exam.
A good command of English is required.

Application deadline 20/04/2014