dijous, 17 d’abril de 2014

OneDayWith DuPont

El proper 30 d'abril teniu una cita amb DuPont per coneixer les oportunitats de carrera que ofereix. Gràcies a Careers International

Through OneDayWith, we would like to regularly engage in interactive dialogue with top talent and introduce the early career opportunities we have on offer at DuPont. Together we can explore these opportunities and see whether long-term relationships can be built between us.
By registering for the OneDayWith program you become a member of our Talent Pipeline and highlight your interest in DuPont as a future employer. As a member you will join the list of talented young graduates DuPont will consider for future positions during the continuous recruitment process. You will regularly be invited to online presentations and live chats, such as the OneDayWith session, allowing you to learn from and about DuPont and how its solutions contribute to a better world. We also gain insight into what is important to you through the questions you ask.

An example of one of our early career programs is the DuPont Commercial Development Program. The aim of this program  is to develop a diverse group of motivated and commercially minded high potential employees for various business roles. The program is experience based, lasts for two years and starts every year in September.