dimarts, 4 de març de 2014

Programa Jovenes con futuro

Jóvenes con Futuro is a program sponsored by Fundación Rafael del Pino and administered by StepOne Ventures.  The goal of the program is to match the brightest technical minds in Spain and arrange placement with companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.
This program manages the legal contracts, the visa process, logistics, travel, and insurance needs for participants.  These are paid engagements, and program participants are responsible for expenses incurred during the program.  For more information, please see theFAQ.
The program, which is directed by Fundación Rafael del Pino and Bernardo Hernandez (co-founder of idealista.com, tuenti.com, floresfrescas.com and 11870.com), intends to create a unique experience that encourages positive Spanish entrepreneurial spirit and extends opportunities for promising talent.
For potential participants, please review how to apply.  For more information about Jóvenes con Futuro please follow@JovenesFuturo on Twitter or reach out to jovenes@stepone.com.
Deadline is March 31st