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Unilever Webinar Series

Outstanding At Unilever we're looking for people just like you .

If you are a natural leader and Thrive where diverse learning experiences , here 's an Innovative Way for you to engage with Our senior managers to find out What It Takes to Lead One of the Fastest Growing Businesses and must resort in the world .

The Unilever Series Webinar is open to current and prospective from European Universities Graduates Who Want to Understand What Leadership Means , find out about the latest trends and gain an insight Into the role of a top executive .

Jan ZijderveldIt 's an Opportunity for you to Influence the discussion , put forward your views and hear from the experts.

You can interact with participants from Other Countries Through Different Opinion Space, a first -of -its -kind tool designed to help you learn about the future challenges of Fast- Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Europe .

Opinion Space Gives you the chance to submit your questions as well as rate and comment Other participants ' views . Also you can take part in an exclusive online webinar Which during Jan Zijderveld , the President of Unilever 's European business , will address the issues and questions Raised at Space Review .
If you see yourself as a future leader ... This is a great way to start .

Step 1: Register
Register with Opinion Space Before 30 March 2014. There are limited places available and only registered users will have access to the webinar .
Step 2: Enrol for the online discussion Between 10 and 30 March 2014
Step 3: Join Webinar Jan Zijderveld ( Link opens in a new window) on 2 April 2014

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