dilluns, 17 de març de 2014

HIL Testing: Hardware in loop Testing Professionals per Alemanya

• 3-7 Years of experience in HiL testing for automotive embedded systems, ISQTB Skills. 
• Experience of Plant Model Development with MATLAB/Simulink 
• Experience in any of the HIL simulator dSPACE/ETAS/Labview 
• Manual & Automation Test Cases development based on requirements 
• Good to have experience in Electric Power Steering Domain, Python Scripting Language, basic of CAN/LIN etc.
• Experience of Software tools Control Desk/ LABCAR Operator, automation desk /LABCAR automation, CANoe/Vehicle spy

Domain/Sector experience: Automotive only

Education: Engineering Degree 

Nationality: German/Europe 

Language Expertise: German and English language 

Work Location: Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Germany 

No of positions: 25

Podeu enviar el cv a josep@sapientis.cat

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