dijous, 6 de març de 2014

Early Stage Researcher Position – Power Engineering / Telecommunications Engineering per el CTTC

This PhD position is one of 13 positions offered under the ADVANTAGE ITN project. A network of 13 ESRs will work in a coordinated manner all around Europe for 3 years. This is a unique opportunity to grow your professional career as a researcher.
In order to guarantee the overall stability of an increasingly-distributed smart grid infrastructure, substantial advances in state estimation (SE) and control are needed. The fundamental question is how to exploit enlarged measurement sets, available in future smart grids, in order to conduct real-time SE and control in power networks in an efficient, possibly hierarchical, and distributed manner.
Going one step beyond classical tools such as those based in (weighted) least squares estimation methods or Kalman Filtering, the candidate will explore solutions based on a number of advanced signal processing and information-theoretical techniques such as stochastic programming, compressed sensing, Bayesian estimation, or random sampling. The work will explicitly take into account the various aspects and constraints associated to the underlying wireless (e.g, cellular, short-range) and/or wired (e.g., PLC) communications network infrastructure.
The Early Stage Researcher on this project will benefit from the partnership between academic institutions and industrial partners. They will attend initial school training events and thus be exposed to the research activities of all participants at regular six monthly progress meetings. They will engage in training events, visits to companies and secondments to other project partners.
Deadline: 30/04/2014

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