diumenge, 2 de març de 2014

Design and Development of the runtime of the programming model of trnasPLANT project per el BSC

The Computer Sciences Department of Barcelona Supercomputing Center offers a temporary contract for the Grid computer and clusters group to develop the following tasks:
  • Development the necessary extensions in the programming model COMPSs and its runtime to adapt it to the project needs
  • Development of the necessry runtime extensions to the programming model as per the pevious design
  • Integration in the runtime of the new functionalities of the runtime
  • Development of tests applications that validate pevious developments
  • These activites will be carried out within the European project transPLANT
Skill Specifications:
  • Computer Science engineer or equivalent degree
The following skills will also be evaluated:
  • Experience in programming models and distributed execution environments
  • Previous experience in distributed systems (web services in particular)
  • Programming knowledge C and Java
  • Excellent English
All applicants would submit:
  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae and transcripts
Deadline: 20/03/2014