dilluns, 17 de març de 2014

Autosar Development per Alemanya

• Very good experience in C programming skills and microcontroller 
• Having experience in end to end Automotive SW development
• Development of Failsafe- , CAN , FlexRay , diagnostic Software and bootloader according to Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262 and customers requirements 
• Development of software using AUTOSAR, Usage of Autosar configuration tool, Integrating MCAL with 3rd party BSW stack and developing application
• Atleat 2-7 years experience working in Autosar BSW modules 
• Experience of working in Braking Electronics 
• Working experience on microcontroller - Infineon, TMS, Star12 
• Third party component integration (CAN stack… etc) 
• Optimization of the software in terms of resource use (RAM / Flash / runtime 
• Proficiency in German language 

Domain/Sector experience: Automotive only 
Education: Engineering Degree 
Nationality: German/Europe 
Language Expertise: German and English language 
Work Location: Koblenz, Germany 
No of positions: 15

Podeu enviar el cv a josep@sapientis.cat