dijous, 6 de març de 2014

24th Beihang University “Feng Ru Cup” Competition

The 24th Beihang University “Feng Ru Cup” Competition will be held in April 2014. We would very much appreciate your coming to Beijing with your academic, scientific and technological works.

The “Feng Ru Cup” Competition is an academic, scientific and technological innovation competition with the highest reputation and widest participation of students at Beihang University. In this year’s competition, participants are invited to demonstrate their innovative ideas and projects to contribute to energy conservation, future aircraft and related fields.

There will be a series of activities, including an opening ceremony for the competition, a Science and Technology Innovation Salon and a Technological Innovation Expo. There will also be sightseeing opportunities to visit places of historical interest and scenic beauty in Beijing. Your expenses in Beijing, including accommodations and sightseeing costs will be covered by Beihang University (Beihang University does not bear the cost of round-trip air tickets or train tickets).

To register for the event, participants should apply through the website of “Feng Ru Cup” Competition by the deadline (March 20th, 2014 for overseas participants, March 30th for international students of BUAA ).